Room booking the way humans do it

Do you face the following challenges in your space operations?

  • Rooms or hot desks stay booked when attendees don’t show up;
  • Lack of a quick view of floor availability;
  • Your staff complaints about complicated booking systems.

Why using Meeting Map:

Meeting Map by Wormesh helps your company to:

  • Automate canceling for no-show reservations;
  • Quick setup for meeting rooms and flexible desks hoteling;
  • Intuitive and easy login (Facebook, Google, Apple, and your company SSO);
  • Your company’s look & feel (your logo and color scheme).

Our commitment:

  • Browsing and quoting is easy and effortless;
  • Easy access to information that will feed your sales strategy;
  • Human-centered interfaces;
  • Proposal automation for a fast turnaround and a more productive sales team.

About Workmesh

We are a team of architects, software engineers, graphic designers and innovation specialists passionate about serving real people through our technology.

With over 15 years successful track record under the belt in traditional architecture, our founders came across a pungent market need, once relocated to North America: companies are wasting tons of money and efficiency with the misuse of their spaces.

Workmesh is born out of this growing market pain. Our goal is to provide businesses with easy and human-centered tools, so people can focus on the work they love. The mindset behind our solutions is simple: spaces should serve people, and not the other way around.

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