We work with you to deliver
maps powered solutions

Workmesh research team and technology working with you to build customized solutions
that have a high impact on your operations.

Collaboration and research to solve problems
with intelligent mapping

We believe that intelligent maps have unlimited potential that just need to be unleashed.
Any square foot of physical space can be positively impacted by maps powered solutions.
Our design, architecture and engineering team can work with you to apply our technology to your business.


Our team will work with you to find the best way to reach your goals with interactive maps. We're passionate about physical spaces and maps, and we're committed to your success.


We can be your outsourced mapping technology teams, work with your development team, or even open our technology to your teams.


It's by finding new ways of doing things that we can innovate. We believe that intelligent mapping has the potential to help organizations from various industries, do things we never expected could be done.
Next generation of visualization tool

Intelligent maps that help you reach your full potential