Interactive maps that boost sales

Workmesh is an interactive map software that allows you to visualize your entire office inventory quickly,
find the best solutions for your customers and increase sales. It's the interactive maps of choice for top performing workspace providers.

Real-time data of each of your spaces

When it comes to selling and managing workspace inventories, we all use maps.
Workmesh takes care of your interactive maps while you focus on your spaces.

Powerful workspace search engine

Surf your inventory to help your customers find the best office solution quickly and professionally. Search by positions / size / cost. Select multiple offices to build a customized proposal for enterprise clients, efficiently.

Data visualization
made easy

Understand your spaces from past, to present, to future. Easily plan "move-in & move-out", and never miss an opportunity to sell a space because of lack of informations. Quickly see, understand, and take action.

Centralized locations

Have each of your workspace locations at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world. Scroll through your inventory to find the best fit for your customers. All the information you need to close a sale in one easy to use solution.

How it works


Interactive maps design

Workmesh architecture and design team will meticulously digitize the floor plans of each or your workspaces in order to create the interactive maps used by our technology.



During the implementation phase, we create a connectivity that will import your data to the your newly built interactive maps. It can be done through API, manual import, or even manual input.



Your teams are good to go. Our product is designed to be intuitive and requires minimal training. Connect your teams, control who has access to which buildings, and feel the benefits of Workmesh.

Next generation of visualization tool

You already collects millions of data on your spaces.
The challenge is to find a way to understand them.
An intelligent map of each of your spaces does just that!