Plan and understand your offices

Workmesh allows you to easily manage and assign workspaces, find people and truly understand your occupancy data.

Know how you use your workspaces

When comes the time to take difficult decisions regarding your office spaces, you need to have a clear understanding of how your spaces are really used by your employee. Your real estate being your second biggest operational expense, you need to have confidence in the data you are using to take those critical decisions.

Space planning

Easily organize your teams in the space with Workmesh easy to use space planning features. Plan as your organization grows, assign workspaces to employees and future hires.

Data visualization

Understand how your spaces are used with the best quality of interactive maps on the market. See your office usage throughout time, and gather all those important insights for when you need to take real estate decisions.

Portfolio management

Quickly access all your workspaces in Workmesh centralized portfolio management system.
Next generation of visualization tool

With Workmesh, your workspace will have no more secret for you. Know how you allocate your ressources, how much each positions is costing you, and take smart decision with quality insights.